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PPA Certification Achieved (2004-Nov-01)

I recently received my certification from the Professional Photographers of America.  The PPA is the single largest professional photographic association in the world.  Certification involves a lengthy written test and a peer review of 20 images.  The test covers many aspects such as exposure, film, equipment, lighting, darkroom techniques, digital techniques, printing, etc.  The 20 images are judged to determine if they are of the quality expected from the PPA.  Image quality is judged for both artistic quality and technical print quality. Certification is granted only after passing both the written test and the image peer review.

Why does this matter?  Well, for those of you who already know my personal standards, it probably doesn’t matter.  You know that I only accept the best quality from myself (and from others).  But many of my potential customers don't know me at all. For them, PPA certification provides a level of assurance that they will receive a professional quality photographic product.

Interestingly, I know that more than one of my customers has had experience with both certified and non-certified professional photographers and they now know the difference in quality between the two.  For the rest of you who have not had the same comparison opportunity, I'll put it in every day terms: probably 75% of the photographic art I see in stores and art shows (and some galleries!) would NOT pass the certification standards of the PPA. 

Needless to say, not everyone that tries for PPA Certification achieves it. By passing the PPA Certification process, I join the ranks of some of the very best photographers in the world.