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Warm Winter's Day - Mount Rundle and Vermillion Lakes
"Warm Winter's Day"
Artist's Commentary:   Getting the shot:

It was actually a cold, crisp morning in Banff. The temperature had risen to almost 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Most people would consider that pretty cold! But, in comparison to previous days, 20 °F seemed almost warm!

I walked along the shore until I found the repeating pattern of reeds leading back across the lake. The juxtaposition of the triangular shaped Mount Rundle in the backgroup and the diagonal pattern of reads in the foreground and middle-ground captured my attention. I placed the horizon close to the center of the frame to create more visual tension between the far-away mountains and the near lake and reeds.

Selecting the right exposure was critical since it was important not to loose any detail in the snow and yet still have detail in the darker trees. The large format film captured exceptional detail, not only in the foreground reeds but also in the far away trees.

What I like about the print:

Most of all, I like the warmth of this image even though it is clearly a winter scene. Several opposites are in effect: the warm colors vs. the cold temperature; the near reeds vs. the far away mountain; the short reeds vs. the taller trees and the even taller mountains. Because this shot was made with large format film (4" x 5"), it looks great printed at even very large sizes. I can see exceptional detail in the reeds, the snow, and even the distant trees.

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Technical Notes:   Original Photograph
Mount Rundle and Vermillion Lakes
Banff, Alberta, Canada
Arca Swiss F-Metric 4"x5", Fuji Provia