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"Lonely Patriarchs" - Bristlecone Pines - Michael Fox Photography
"Lonely Patriarchs"
Artist's Commentary:   Getting the shot:

The Patriarch Grove is located at over 11,000' of elevation, in the White Mountains, East of the Sierras, North of Death Valley. The road isn't very long but is very rocky and hard on a vehicle.

Driving before sunrise, it took about 2 hours to reach the Patriarch Grove. The landscape is desolate and moon-like in appearance, due to the elevation, weather and soil. The sky at this elevation was a deep blue, adding to the uniquely surreal feeling of the landscape.

I thought the location exhibited a certain loneliness. But I felt a lone tree wouldn't express the emotion as well as showing two trees separated by the vast and empty landscape. When I came across this scene, I knew that I had found what I was looking for.

What I like about the print:

There's a surreal feeling that comes through with this image. The two trees seem lonely, separated from each other by such a barren landscape. But they also seem to stand tall with a pride that comes from surviving for over 2000 years in such a harsh environment.

Awards / Recognition:

Selected by the Professional Photographers of America for their 2005 General Collection.

Available Image* Sizes:  
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10.5" W x 14" H
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22.5" W x 30" H
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Technical Notes:   Original Photograph
Patriarch Grove, White Mountains, CA
Nikon F5; Fuji Velvia