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"Deadly Concentration" - Lion, Mountain; Michael Fox Photography
"Deadly Concentration"
Artist's Commentary:   Getting the shot:

It was early morning. The sun had just peaked over the mountains behind me, casting its warm glow over the entire scene. The air was still and although I could here other creatures stirring in the surrounding brush, the movements of the mountain lion were absolutely silent.

I was standing about 15 feet away. The lion was alerted to my presence, but was concentrating intensely on something further down the hill. As the lion stalked its prey, I was captivated by both the power and the grace of this animal. I wanted a shot that would capture the power that was evident in the musculature of its shoulders. I waited as it moved from rock to rock. Just before it bolted down the hill, it paused to crouch down, ready to strike. I tripped the shutter. (P.S. Yes, I was very scared!)

What I like about the print:

The power of this animal is evident in the way the shoulder muscles ripple and, coupled with its intense concentration on its prey, the image is both awe-inspiring and a little scary at the same time. Add to that the golden light of the rising sun and the way it highlights the lion's face. It really is a beautiful image.

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Technical Notes:   Original Photograph
Mountain Lion, Western Montana
Nikon F5; Kodak E100G