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A Rainy Day at Sol Duc - Sol Duc Falls N02
"A Rainy Day at Sol Duc"
Artist's Commentary:   Getting the shot:

I was a rainy day in Olympic National Park, perfect for photography in the forest. With everything wet and with the sky completely overcast, the colors are very saturated and the lighting is very even.

Sol Duc Falls is located on the west side of the park and a little less than a mile from a convenient parking lot. I was pretty wet by the time I reached the falls. The constant rain made it difficult to keep the lens free from water droplets. But a good lens hood and a plastic bag over the camera did the trick.

Checking the exposure with my spot meter, I noticed that the range of light values exceeded what was possible using transparency film. So I selected my favorite negative film which allows a wider exposure range. Even so, careful metering was required to insure that I got full detail from the brightest highlights in the water to the darkest shadows in the rocks. A long shutter speed insured that the moving water turned to cotton candy.

What I like about the print:

I love the creamy, cotton candy look to the water cascading over the falls. The soft highlights in the water add form and they hint at what lies beneath. The way the left wall of the falls extends right toward the viewer makes me feel like I'm standing right there. There are also interesting shapes captured here, including the diagonal line of the cliff and the s-curve of the water. Since the image was shot on medium format film, there's plenty of detail for even large prints.

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Technical Notes:   Original Photograph
Sol Duc Falls; Olympic National Park
Hasselblad 203FE; Kodak Portra 160VC