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Framing Options

The frame should compliment the image but not draw the eye away from the image. While paintings tend to look best with wide, heavy, often gilded frames, photographs tend to look best in frames with clean, thin, simple lines.

Standard Framing

Standard Framing Material

Nielsen Style #15 metal frame. Style #15 has a 3/8" smooth rounded top. Metal frames are the best way to go for photographic images. Wood frames may be fine for paintings, but they can cause discoloration in photographic images and mats, either through chemical leaching where they touch or through off-gassing over time.

Standard Frame Color Options

German Silver
German Silver (sort of a matte silver color) frames work very well when the wall color is fairly neutral or light. With a white mat and lighter colored walls, the lighter colored frame tends to almost disappear from the viewer's attention and some prefer it to a black frame for this reason.

Matte Black
Matte Black frames work very well when the wall color is darker and/or non-neutral in color. The black frame against the white mat creates a high contrast edge to the whole frame package with helps to further visually isolate the image and mat from the surroundings. If a colored mat is preferred, then a black frame also does an excellent job of isolated the mat color from the wall color.

My Recommendation

Metal frame, usually German Silver for lighter walls, Matte Black for darker walls. Either color is classic, elegant, practical and the safest choice for print longevity.

Custom Framing Options

Heavier Metal Frames
Nielsen makes a heavier metal frame (style #75) which some may prefer, especially on larger prints. The 1" rounded top may be too large and bulky-looking for smaller prints. It is available in both German Silver and Matte Black. Style #75 is a little more expensive than style #15.

Wood Frames
Sorry, but wood frames are just a no-no when it comes to fine art color photographs. The stains, varnishes and paints used to make wood frames can produce gasses that, over time, can damage color photographs. If you strongly prefer a particular wood frame, then I can have the framer use that particular make and model number. But I just can't recommend any wood frame.

Colored Frames
I generally recommend against using colored frames because its nearly impossible to select a color that doesn't compete with either the image or the wall color. But, if colored frames are your preference, I recommend that you at least stick with the same frame style and I can help you to select a frame color that will work with the image of your choice.