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Matting Options

Standard Matting

Standard Mat Board Material

The only mat board I use is 100% acid free rag museum mat board. The term "rag" means that it is made from cotton fibers. This is the highest grade mat board available and provides the highest degree of pretection for the print.

Standard Matting Style

Bottom Weighted Reveal
Reveal matting is the use of a mat which has a cut-out which is slightly larger than the image. The surrounding white of the paper upon which the print is made is "revealed". There are several advantages to this stype of matting. First, the edge of the image is clearly visible and the artist's intended crop is perfectly shown. Second, there is nothing touching the front of the image that could prematurely age or damage it. Third, a reveal with a slight bottom weight (slightly more space at the bottom that at the sides or top) provides a natural location for the artist's signature.

Standard Mat Color

White Mat
A white mat is classic and elegant and prefered by most museums and collectors. White is practical as well, fitting into just about any decor. The white mat separates the image from the surrounding wall color and lets the colors and tonalities of the image stand on their own. When using a reveal to show the artist's signature and edition number, a white mat matched to the paper color of the print is the clear choice.

Custom Matting Options

Overmatting is the use of a mat which has a cut-out which is slightly smaller than the image. Typically, about 1/8" on all 4 sides of the image is covered by the mat to allow for expansion and contraction over time. This is the preferred method of matting when using a colored mat. The main disadvantage of this matting style is that the exact edge of the print will not be visible. Museums and collectors do not like this method because it puts the mat, perhaps a colored mat, in contact with the image itself, which could introduce early wear or fading to the image.

Colored Mats
Colored mats are prefered by some people. Colored mats don't work well for the reveal style of matting so you almost always see colored mats done as an overmat. The particular color of the mat can often be a personal choice, based mostly on the image colors and, perhaps, partly on the colors of the surrounding decor. If you prefer a colored mat, I can work with you on selecting a mat color that best compliments the image.