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Mounting Options

Standard Mounting

Standard Mount Board Material

The only mount board I use is 100% acid free archival rag museum mount board. The term "rag" means that the board is made from cotton fibers. This is the highest grade mat board available and provides the highest degree of pretection for the print. Mount boards larger than 16" x 20" (and upon request) have an added layer of 100% acid-free Fome-Core attached to the back of the mount board to provide added stiffness. This protects the print from bowing and accidentally touching the glazing.

Standard Mounting Style:

Traditional Mounting
Traditional mounting is used by just about everyone. The print is attached to the mount board using a press and an adhesive which covers the entire back of the image. The main advantage of this type of mounting is that the print stays absolutely flat, even during temperature and humidity changes. This prevents the image from touching the glazing (glass or acrylic in front) which can damage the print. Another advantage is that it makes the print much less likely to be damaged by improper handling since the mounting board itself can be handled without even touching the print. The main disadvantage of this method for museums and some collectors is that the print can not be removed from the mount board for more compact storage.

Custom Mounting Options

Conservation Mounting
Conservation mounting is favored by museums and some collectors. The print is held to the mount board using "T-hinges" in just a couple of places along the top edge of the print. The print freely hangs under its own weight between the mount board and the mat. The advantage for museums and some collectors is that they can remove the print from the mount board without damage and store it in an archival cabinet. The main disadvantage for everyday display is that the print will expand and contract and will usually accumulate some waviness or bowing in a couple of years time. This is particularly true for larger prints. When that occurs, the print could touch the glazing (glass or plexiglass) which could damage the print.

GatorFoam or FoamCore
For a modern look, prints can be mounted to GatorFoam and/or FoamCore and trimmed full-bleed (right to the edge of the image) with no mat or frame. The foam board is then usually attached to the wall with velcro. This tyle of mounting is often used in offices and sometimes in homes with very modern decor. With this type of mounting, you may also want to consider a laminate to protect the image from fingerprints and to simplify cleaning.