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Fine Art Prints

Purchasing prints from Michael Fox Photography is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

I've tried to include all the information you need on this website. But If you need additional help or would like to discuss which options are best for you, I'm just a phone call or email away.

How to Purchase a Fine Art Print from Michael Fox Photography:

Step 1:  Visit the Galleries and select an image
The Galleries section has examples from each type of image I have on file. Browse the galleries to find the perfect image. If you don't see something you want, call or email ... I've got more!

Step 2: Check Pricing and Availability
The Pricing and Availability page lists prices according to image size and various framing options. If you need sizes bigger than the ones listed yere, call or email me.

Step 3:  Call or Email me
Whether you know exactly what you want, or you still have some questions, give me a call or an email. I'm ready to help you with your fine art selection and purchase. The Contact section lists my phone number, email addresses and postal address. You may also find the information below very helpful in answering some of your questions.

Additional Information:

Anyone who has ever had artwork framed knows that there are almost an infinite number of options available. As an artist, I have selected what I feel are the best combinations of presentation options for my particular type of photography. Those options are outlined below along with my recommendation for each option. Custom options are also available. Just call to discuss.

Print Quality Options
Images are available in different image qualities to suite different budgets. This section provide a full explaination of the different print qualities available.

Print Size Selection
Choosing the right size artwork for the given space is important. This section provides helpful guidelines and some specific examples to help you choose the best print size for your particular situation.

Mounting Options
There are two basic types of mounting: traditional (using adhesive) and conservation (using T-hings). Both are explained here.

Matting Options
Matting options include the style (reveal or overmat) and the color. A discussion of each is included.

Framing Options
The frame should set the image apart from the wall but not draw attention to itself. The best options for frame styles and color are discussed here.

Glazing Options
The purpose of the glazing (glass or acrylic) is to protect the image. Various options are discussed.

Pricing and Availability
Fine Art Print pricing and framing pricing and availability is defined.

Completed Images Index
Any image from any gallery can be delivered as a fine art print. Some images have already been completed for other customers. If you need something quick, select a completed image from this list. All other "Proof" images will take longer to produce.